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Houston Gay Bar History

Houston Bars, Baths, Etc - 1974
Houston Bars - 1964  

Individual Bars

Bacchus & Bacchus II   
Badlands / Truckstop 
Baja Sam's, Rooster's, Mothers   
The Briar Patch
Barn, Pacific St, Blur & the bars of 710 Pacific
Brazos River Bottom (BRB)
Catch One   
Chances (& New Barn)  

Chicken Coop  
(plus Cesar's Palace, Fame Disco, Twins)
Circus Club / Peppermint Palace
Club 2020 / Club L2  
Club N'somnia 
The Cove Disco   

The Drum, Locker & Chutes ...the Bars of 1732 Westheimer 
The Eagle Houston    
EJ's and Inside/Outside
The Exile
The Galleon

Galveston Gay Bars & 360° Photos 
Galveston Bars, Through the Years  

George Sports Bar (& Bricks II, Past Time)  

The Gold Room
JR's Bar & Grill  
Just Marion & Lynn's
Kindred Spirits
Kon-Tiki Club (Galveston)
The Loading Dock   

Mary's, Naturally
Miss Charlotte's Dance Hall & Saloon / Saddle Club  

Montrose Mining Company & the bars at 805 Pacific Street
Officers Club, Farmhouse & the bars at 2700 Albany
The Old Plantation
Parade Disco / Chases  

The Pink Elephant 

The Red Room  
Robert's Lafitte, Galveston  

Round Table  

Silver Bullet & Silver Phoenix  
The 611 Club   
Soixante Quinze, or 6015  
Studio 13 

The Usual  
Velvet Hammer
Wagon Wheel, Late 1930's 

And some Bathhouses
Club Houston   

Midtowne Spa
The 2306 and Arena Baths

And a Private Club
Meat Rack


Bar Raids  
Bar Fires & Arson  

Article on Texas Bar History
   in Houston and Dallas, Texas Triangle, 7/17/97

Article on Houston Bars, TX Triangle, 11/80
General Article 1985, on the Bars as part of the community, and the organization HOBO

Mapping Montrose's Gay History, an excellent article on the work of Dr Brian Riedel charting the changes

Cruising Grounds: Seeking Sex and Claiming Place in Houston, 1960-1980 By Dr Brian Riedel

Dallas / Fort Worth Articles about Gay Bars

Still Not Over the Rainbow - Todd Camp

A Photo History of Dallas' Gay Bars of the 1970s
- Paula Bosse


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Below, in their 1982 ad The Hole remembers bars of bygone days