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A three-part Video about changing Montrose,
from 2014

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

with comments from
many notable LGBT
community figures

Houston Businesses

Bookstores (the ones that sold books)

Lobo Book Shop
Wilde 'N' Stein Books
Inklings Bookshop & Others
Crossroads Market

Below, slipping in a wonderful song a singer friend of mine, Eric Himan, wrote honoring our culture's bookstores.
He consulted with me on it, hence the mention of the Lobo stores in Houston and Dallas.
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Art Wren's Silver Dollar                                                   Basic Brothers, 1982 - 2002


Appearances & Muscle Beach                      Union Jack (Houston & Dallas)


Sports Locker                                                Doubrava Jones - Manhole


Gay Gyms
Fitness Exchange, Jim's Gym, Parkway Athletic Club


A Place in the Sun                                Happy Buddha                


Toopee's Coffee House     Moving Right Along Garage (1983)

                                                             with Pokey Anderson, Tori Williams, Dr Sandy Scurria & More

Charlie's Coffee Shop

Acadian Bakery (Sandy Bubbert)                         House of Pies (Kirby)


Barnaby's...Just Good Food                      Sonoma, aka 1415 California


Montrose Gay Businesses, 1979
A Photo Album


Bookstores, from OutSmart, June 2020