The Oldest Gay Bar in Houston

JR's Bar & Grill

808 Pacific Street

JR's on Facebook                          Some 360° photos


above left, a pre-1999 photo, as Heaven is shown in the background
below, mid-80s


but first, in 2011 the Houston Press ran an article about
Charles Armstrong and the state of the bars


In 1986 Charles Armstrong bought from Dallas club owner Frank Caven the gay bars JR's,
the Montrose Mining Company and Heaven.
JRs was already in business since April 22, 1982, but let's go back for some pre-bar history.

The building was a train depot, a grocery story in the 1950s and then until about 1980,
The Emporium, a speciality antique store...

I accidentally have part of 808 Pacific as it was in 1974 in a photo of another bar,
Pacific Street Station (not to be confused with the club Pacific Street which was open
down the street at 710 Pacific from 1993 to 2002). PSS was most recently the
Montrose Mining company. Looking past the club below is part of the building that became JR's.

and then it turned gay...

but....there's a whole other connected story to the building next door, at 804 Pacific,
complicated enough that it needs its own page

The Bar Next To JR's

804 Pacific

804 Pacific: Mother Lode, Cutter's, Hot Rod and Santa Fe Trading Company

and, back to JR's...the branch in Dallas was already open and doing well, since 10/30/80...

so now it was Houston's turn





and now, 9/19/86, Charles Armstrong is described as "owner"...
he was given as "general manager" in a Heaven item from 9/85


Mardi Gras Finale Festival
March 7/8, 1987





above, photo courtesy of Doug Barnes, circa 1988 or 1989











Above, from Doug Barnes, 2012


October 2015, new patio




Above, ads from 9/2/16 to 9/10/16, the Mine is gone from the Pacific Street ad


by the way, the next oldest gay bar in Houston is The Ripcord, 12/10/82