QMH Radio Shows

From January 2000 through March 2015 I produced the
internet radio show Queer Music Heritage. I rarely
did shows that focus on Houston, so where they do
exist want to make finding them convenient.

March 2010
"Queer Nation: The Music & Politics, Then and Now"
In addition to the music, the show includes Ray Hill's
comments on the Queer Nation efforts in Houston.

November 2010
A special 9-hour tribute to LGBT choruses,
with Part 4 focusing on the Houston GMC,
and including interviews with the founder, and the
Artistic Director (in 2010) and two chorus members.
Plus, an extensive section on chorus history,
including programs and concert sound files.

October 2012
"Songs About Anita Bryant," focusing on songs about,
not by her, along with several interviews about the music
and protests against her. Ray Hill details the story in Houston.

June 2014 & July 2014
QMH Salutes Houston LGBT Artists. Between the two months,
a 4 1/2 hour look at the music, going back to 1981,
with several artist interview comments.