Kindred Spirits

5425 Buffalo Speedway and 4902 Richmond

A long-time and historic Houston lesbian bar, open from 9/14/81 until May 1989.
It was owned by Marion Coleman, who was an amazing community leader
participating in the Pride and Political Caucus organizations, among others,
and eventually forming the Kindred Spirits Foundation

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Marion Coleman and Andy Mills were Pride Grand Marshals in 1982


above, 1983 Pride Parade entry

below, how Texas Monthly described the club...

Below, the award-winning Kindred Spirts Pride float, 1984

below, not sure what year it is from

Moving to the Richmond location....





from the Department of you can't please everyone...



1985 Pride Parade Entry, photo by Joe Watts





from the Department of you can't please everyone...Part 2

Below, Billie Duncan responds


it appears KJ's on the Loop may not have considered itself a club
for lesbians, as no ads were placed in TWT and it never appeared in
their bar listing...uncertain how long it was open. Also, Marion has
told me this article is incorrect, she never had any partners in the club.


More KS Photos...

34 from a variety of places and years

This one was tagged as the original bar crew






also see The Banner Project

2007 article on Kindred Spirits by Nancy Ford