Officers Club, Farmhouse
& the bars at 2700 Albany

The site of at least seven gay clubs from the 1970s through 1985,
the building was originally an orphanage.

The Farmhouse

The first gay club on the site was the Farmhouse...
That club was previously at 3535 Westheimer, moving
to 2710 Albany by the end of 1974. The property was so
large that for some businesses address
numbers other than 2700 were used.

But first, I'll show the first location at 3535 Westheimer...


Another Fire...


Moving to Albany location

above, 1974, month unknown



LUEY party, 3/3/79

Below, the space for rent...

Gay Country

Next, in June 1980, starting a short run
as a country dance bar, putting itself
in competition with the Brazos River
Bottom, which was already two years old


below, last TWT bar listing of it


Houston Country
a name change in Oct 10, 1980





name change again, in March 1981...lasting a couple months



Houston Country
changing name back in May, closing in June,
last appearance on bar listing June 19, 1981


Officers Club

became probably the most popular gay club at the address,
opening June 1982 and lasting until August 1984





Risky Business

below, a cabaret theatre on the same property was open for a short time



Albany Club

business going down, and a quick name change
in June 1984, only to change back in August.


but by August 31, 1984, the only remaining business listing at the property was for Eagle Leathers

another club, opening June 13, 1985, but its
last listing in the TWT guide was 9/13/85



quite short-lived, summer 1988...


End of the gay club era......

though, below, some organizations, like the GLPC, held
meetings at the site, at least through 1996

Club Some
circa 1994 there was a punk club at the location


Emo's Houston lasted quite a few years, from 1989 until 2001