The Gold Room
2802 Austin

The Gold Room was a prominent early bar in Houston,
catering to black patrons, from June of 1968
until around July 1976

But before that it was the Nuggett, as shown
in the first issue of the Albatross, 8/18/65


interesting that the above ad did not give the club name, though that was listed in the bar guide


below, from the All Lavender International Gay Guide, they list the Golden Nugget in 1971,
but it had already become The Gold Room by in these guides can be sketchy

then, The Gold Room

note that the club is "TANsational"

"where the Dark & Light meet"....and someone wrote in, "mostly dark"


below, the last listing I could find mentioning the Gold Room, July 23, 1976

below, mostly about Bayard Rustin, the end of the articles describes The Gold Room

above, from Outsmart, Feb 1999. It disagrees with my
findings saying the bar lasted until the late 70s;
I could only verify as late as July 1976