A growing resource of mostly Houston LGBT history, with considerable statewide information




AIDS: Houston & Texas

Clippings from the very beginning of the crisis, including
every article in TWT mentioning AIDS in the first few years.

AIDS Clippings from TWT, Etc

How Houston's community reacted
AIDS: Houston's Response

My Facebook World AIDS Day Posts

AIDS Clippings from The Linda J Mitchell
Collection at UNT Special Collections

The Texas Obituary Project was designed so that deaths from AIDS,
when indicated in the obituaries, could be searched.
Texas Obituary Project Site

Songs About AIDS

On my QMH Show I devoted a 3-hour special to
the many aspects of AIDS covered in music.
Visit the show


The Montrose Center has on display an
art installation I found very impressive,
so I took some photos of it

PDF File of this Art