The Galleon
2720 Richmond & 2303 Richmond

1968 to 1989


Below, from The Nuntius & Albatross, 1968

best guess: it opened February or March 1968




below, from the Nuntius, 1972



above, last listing at old address, 1/15/77

below, at new location, 2303 Richmond, opening 6/4/77,
now with Jay Allen as owner






After Dark Disco

In early 1979 Jay Allen opened another bar, as manager, After Dark Disco
and it lasted from about 1/27/798 to 3/30/79



For trivia, I found this greeting card from the staff of the Galleon (which Jay already owned) to After Dark







San Antonio

below, San Antonio location, opened 6/13/83,
it was last listed in the TWT Guide 11/8/85



Barry Larson was Vanna



Happy Hour Daddy's

Jay Allen

during the last few years it was open it ran much fewer ads in TWT


Jay Allen was the owner of the Galleon after it relocated.
He also has owned other bars, like The Barn, and Pacific Street
and the Sonoma property at 1415 California, which he sold so that
the property could become Legacy


The Galleon closed September 1989, and in the same location Gentry
opened June 1990 and closed August 1998

This Link for the Gentry Page