807 Fairview
Since December 10, 1982

Some 360°  photos at Link

below, 2014 photo

above, pre-opening ad...note, it's not listed yet in the Guide above it


Above, their Facebook page incorrectly says the club is the
longest running gay bar in Houston, opening Dec 5, 1980.
The ad above it gives the grand opening as Dec 10, 1982,
so it is the second oldest gay bar, after JR's (Apr 22, 1982)



what's a leather bar without some controversy





1999 Pride Parade

comment: I wish I could share more ads, but the club seemed to have a
practice over the years of not running all that many ads in the gay publications

below, photos from the internet, 2014 - 2016

the sign on the side was for a Geeks Who Drink gathering,
and the four shots below cover that


Ripcord - John P Van Domelin - Gary Christopher, year unknown

A bit of pre-Ripcord history at 715 Fairview
I believe Happy Trails was only open during 1982,
from about April 9 through December 3,
and was listed in TWT as a private club