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Woodlands Pride

Katy Pride





John Day was a singer popular in the early 1980s
and wrote and recorded two Pride songs, click to hear them

Unity Through Diversity (1983)
Gay Pride Radio Ad, with song (1983)
Unity & More in 1984
Tell Me (flip of Unity & More)

Rainbow Crosswalk - Westheimer @ Taft, 2017

photographer unknown

And, LGBTQ people are still coming out, here is a touching
essay written by Ajani Flores, in 2023. His professor at
San Jacinto College, Anthony Tello, got Ajani's permission
for me to read and share it here.

Pride Essay

Bonus Pride Song

I frankly did not know where to place this song. It is a Pride song by Michale, called "Alive with Pride"...in 1985
and it was the official Christopher Street West theme song.

Research tells me his full name is Michale Hurstrom, in San Jacinto, CA. But as I collect these songs, I bought it.


Listen to "Alive with Pride"

Soundcloud Page, with his Album