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Houston LGBT
Political Organizations

The LGBTQ+ Caucus
1975 +

Promethean Society           T.H.E.M.

           1968-1969                  1968~1970

Gay Hispanic Caucus/GLHU

Houston Log Cabin Republicans

Texas Gay Conferences
Texas Gay Task Force (TGTF)

People's Choice
A footnote organization, that put one one newletter prior
to the November 1973 city election and quietly disappeared. Remmington's thesis mentions it on pages 27-28

Texas Human Rights Foundation (THRF)
1976 - ~2006

Lesbian Gay Rights Lobby /
& Equality TX

HERA - Houston Equal Rights Alliance

Gay Political Coalition

Integrity Houston // Interact Houston

Gay Activist Alliance (at UH)

Houston Human Rights League (Ray Hill)
1977- 1983

Citizens for Human Equality (CHE)

National Gay Task Force (1976-79)
with Pokey Anderson, Gary Van Ooteghem
and Larry Bagneris

Community-PAC (C-PAC)
Community Alliance of Houston (CAH)

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Thesis Time ...

While working for his degree at the University of Houston,
Bruce Remmington presented in 1983 an excellent college
thesis covering Houston gay and lesbian political and
social life. He has since passed away, but it is to his credit
that many authors and researchers have used his work.

Introduction PDF
Chapter 1 PDF
Chapter 2 PDF
Conclusion & Notes PDF

166 pages total
More on Remmington...

Harvard University Thesis by Blake Paterson. A history of
Houston's Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, and the stuggle
in general, in the years 1975 to 1985, also including other
political groups active in those times. 130 pages.


Thesis by Frank Staggs, 1978, PDF

In the Pride Guide for 1980 Charles Gillis,
Founder of the Gay Archives of Texas,
contributed an excellent 6-page article,
beginning on page 64, though the
entire program is interesting


Basically, this paper by Mr Snellgrove
takes off where Remmington ended,
and focusing on four topics:
Creation of Community
Impact of AIDS on this Community
New Social Movement
on Gay/Lesbian Rights Movement
A Proposal Addressing State Oppression

75 pages total
More on Snellgrove

Discover Your Roots: A History of the GLBT Community

In August 1999 a group of activists and researchers put
together a discussion program and timeline booklet.

While we do not know if the talks themselves were
captured, we do have in the PDF the research.

Speakers included a who's who of activists at the time:
Gary Van Ooteghem, Pokey Anderson, Larry Bagneris,
Kevin Davidson and Annise Parker

Scholars for this project included
Dan DiDonato, Chris Ehlinger, Johnene Horton,
Connie Marmolejo, and Bruce Turner

They broke their data into individual timelines in various catagories
with a linked bibliography for additional research

Austin Lesbian Gay Civil Rights,
1970-1982, by
Eric Jason Ganther

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"Rebels, Rubyfruit, and Rhinestones"

This is generally the book I recommend first to those
wanting to read about Houston queer history

Interview with James T Sears