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Houston LGBT History Timeline

1940s & Prior








Note: while I expanded on some of it, this is primarily not my work, and the foundation of it is taken
from the Houston ARCH website, in an effort to give it more exposure. It is by gracious permission
of the researcher who prepared it, Jo Collier. Resources include Houston publications, such as
This Week in Texas, Montrose Star, Montrose Voice, Houston Voice, Nuntius, Outsmart, Houston
Pride Guides and Caucus Newsletters, and many more.

Quick Links to Some Resources

During 1999 OutSmart did a wonderful year-long features on Houston history,
so I've done two special scans of just those sections. Part 2 also has some
additions from history relation articles from 2000/2001.

Discover Your Roots: A History of the GLBT Community

And also in August 1999, a group of activists and researchers put
together a discussion program and timeline booklet.

Speakers included a who's who of activists at the time:
Gary Van Ooteghem, Pokey Anderson, Larry Bagneris,
Kevin Davidson and Annise Parker

While we do not know if the talks themselves were
captured, we do have in the PDF the research.

Scholars for this project included
Dan DiDonato, Chris Ehlinger, Johnene Horton,
Connie Marmolejo, and Bruce Turner

They broke their data into individual timelines in various catagories
with a linked bibliography for additional research


Jan-Jun 1999, PDF

Jul-Dec 1999, PDF

Discover Your Roots