The 611

Hyde Park @ Stanford

1984 - 2014





and, see the
611 photo album

also see, on a separate page, a few
Pride Parade 87 photos
from the 611 photo albums



Steve Shimer obituary



below, the staff....from the same 1987 photo shoot










below, shots taken when the closing was announced


Cap and matchbooks below courtesy of Chris Contello


611 Memory Video by Jason Swarthout, from August 2014
Link to Watch

Virtual Reality Photos

I'm not sure how well these will work, but I have some VR photos
that were grabbed off google maps a few years ago
(by Brett Buffalo, Thanks!) and you can see inside the club.

Putting them on a separate page...

in 2014 the 611 was bought and in the building Eagle Houston was opened

below, after a fire the Eagle temporarily moved to Ministry