Wagon Wheel Nite Club
Female Impersonation Club, Late 1930's

I understand this bar was open circa 1936 - 1939

The original Wagon Wheel flyer is 4x6 inches.

Starring Dave Gold, Murray Pickford, Mickey Dell, Dot Williams,
Johnny Kaye, Lee Norre, Jean Lane, Golden Devine and Del Le Roy


Info on the Wagon Wheel is Very scarce, but here is what I have found
The first one actually mentions the Wagon Wheel, in saying the revue
was "direct from the Wagon Wheel"....yes, after it burnt down


and these mention performers shown in the
original flyer, at other venues, including
Murray Pickford, Johnny Kaye, Del Le Roy
and Daisy Gold, who is probably Dave Gold

Poppy Lane was a favorite performer at New Orleans' Club My O My


Below, mention of the Wagon Wheel

And, from 1912...
Woman arrested for wearing male clothing

More Trivia....Female Impersonation in Corpus Christi, 1936-37

Gita Gitmore was a guest