A growing resource of mostly Houston LGBT history, with considerable statewide information





Note: Many organizations that do not yet have their own
sections are represented in the pages on Newsletters.
This is Not a Directory, but an index of those sections
I have had the opportunity and materials to set up.

For political organizations, see this page

AALGA - African American Lesbian Gay Alliance  

Archives History

Astro Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf

AVES - Amigos Volunteers in Education and Services

Bering Omega Community Service

Bunnies on the Bayou

Community Alliance of Houston (CAH) 1987-90

Diana Foundation (1953 - present)


Galveston Splash Day 1979 - 1985
     see Houston Splash

Garden Party

Gay Atheists League of America (GALA)

American Gay Atheists (AGA)

Gay Hispanic Caucus /Gay Lesbian Hispanics Unidos  

Gay Liberation Front, 1970-72  

Gay Men's Chorus--Montrose Singers  

Greater Montrose Business Guild  (1982-1993)
Greater Houston Gay & Lesbian Chamber of  
Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce (2017+)

Han-Net, the Houston Activists Network (1999-2003) 


Heartsong Women's Chorus

HIPY - Houston Institute for the Protection of Youth

HOBO, Houston Organization of Bar Owners  

Houston Committee, and Charles Law

Houston Pride Band (Montrose Marching Band+)

Houston Splash (Black event, 1988+)
     see Galveston Splash

Integrity/Houston, Interact Houston

Krewe of Olympus

Lesberadas, 1977-1979

Legacy, Montrose Clinic

Lesbian Avengers in Texas

LIB - Lesbians In Business

LGRL (Lesbian / Gay Rights Lobby) extensive section
on its history, including its successor Equality Texas

Log Cabin Republicans Houston

Milam House, Residential Facility for Men with AIDS

Miss Camp America



Integrity/Houston (Episcopal)

Metropolitan Community Church

Other Churches: Bering Memorial,
Church of Christ

College & University Student Groups:

Aggies - Texas A&M Gay Organizations & Issues 

Baylor University

Rice University Thresher

SMU - Southern Methodist University Gay Struggles

Texas Christian University: TCU Triangle

University of Houston, + GLOBAL

University of North Texas, Denton +other school info

University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas, Austin +a dash of El Paso

Texas Tech, Lubbock

Southwestern University, Georgetown

Waco Lambda Student Group, 1986

University Index, 2007 +Other Schools

Articles covering more than one University

Montrose Clinic, Legacy

Montrose Gaze

Montrose Activity Center (MAC)
& Gay & Lesbian Community Center

Montrose Counseling Center /
Montrose Center

Montrose Patrol (1979-1982)

Montrose Singers: History & Interviews

Montrose Sports Association  

NLA: H, National Leather Association: Houston

oH Project Collection

Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project

Pet Patrol

PFLAG Houston

Q-Patrol (1992-2002)  

Queer Nation - Houston +ACT UP material

Stonewall Law Association / BAHR

Texas Gay Rodeo Association

Texas Bay Area Gays (TBAG, 1979-1984)

The Wolfpack


Plus....Here's a very thorough listing of what
Houston organizations existed in 1992, published by Pride
Download the Resource Guide

Plus...a listing of the main Houston orgs in Nov 2000,
published in OutSmart    Download the Listing