Index of Latinx/é LGBT Content

This page is an effort to help folks find information on my sites relevant to the Latinx LGBT culture,
mostly from Houston. I do not have nearly the coverage as I would like, so if you can help please contact me.



Houston Organizations & Special Sections

AVES - Amigos Volunteers in Education and Services

Gay Hispanic Caucus /Gay Lesbian Hispanics Unidos

Scrapbook from a candidate for Ms Baile 1990

Arthur Cordova Helped Lay the Foundation of Latino Pride Events


Articles from OutSmart Magazine - 1995-2018
Articles from OutSmart Magazine - 2019 +
Articles from Rumba - 2009-2011


Texas Organizations

From the Queer Music Heritage Site:
Gay-o de Mayo: Songs by LGBT Artists Sung in Spanish


Notable Deaths
from Texas Obituary Project

Manuel Acosta
Michael Alfaro

Efrain Calderon
Luis Fuentes
Gilberto A Guerrero



The Bars

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La Voz de Esperanza

Published by the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, San Antonio,
in support of marginalized people including Hispanic Americans,
poc, LGBT, immigrants, etc, Format was 8 1/2x11"

More Info

At the website you can search for the regular LGBT articles


Based out of Dallas, a state-wide bar pub with a Latino slant to it and lots of slick bar ads
and drag features. Early issues, 2009, under Publisher Alberto Rey, had a degree of article
content, but that lessened through its run. Publisher by late 2011 was Jose "Ricky"
Fernandez. It was 5 1/2x8 1/2" and about 30 pages. A biweekly by mid-2012, apparently
ending that year. On this site are 35 issues digitized.