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YouTube of mostly Queer Music content

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Video Gallery
These videos are in no particular order,
with new additions at the bottom.

Many of these were filmed and/or edited
by Sara Fernandez, who has many
more on her vimeo page

Paul Broussard Rally, 7/13/91, after his murder,
filmed by Ken Foster, 7:25. LINK

Pride Parade, 1991, video by Ken Foster. 53:21. LINK

Bruce Smith remarks at the service for Tony Carroll,
January 2016, 4:00. LINK

At a PFLAG meeting, August 2015, Craig Farrell describes the mission of GCAM, Gulf Coast Archives & Museum. 29:55. LINK

Tribute to Andy Mills, January 31, 2015, with the Gay Men's Chorus, RMCC Santuary Choir and Houston Pride Band.
Andy died 1/5/17. 13:05. LINK

Arden Eversmeyer about the Old Lesbian Oral History Project (OLOHP) and the conference held in Houston,
October 10 - 13, 2013. 5:47. LINK

Entertainer Nancy Ford, with a lot of talk about Dykes,
and a bit of song, 2013. 48:40. LINK

Kristen Capps, on the eventual ill-fated HERO campaign, 6:26, LINK see more history . Also, her HERO testimony before Houston City Council on 5/13/14, 2:33, LINK

PFLAG talk by Bruce Smith & Tony Carroll, Nov 2015,
11:54. LINK , and an unedited version, 41:10 LINK

Pride Parade 1986, from roof of Mary's, 6/29/86, 39:00 LINK
plus 6 minutes of the crowd from the roof

Pride 25, 2003, a collection of interviews with former Grand Marshals, as a Celebration of the Parade's 25th anniversary, by Troy Christensen. See intro page LINK

2013 interview with Susan Yarbrough, one of the first openly
lesbian Federal Court judges. By Sara Fernandez. LINK

Kay Van Cleave
passed away on 9/28/15, so we are lucky
to have this 2013 interview of her talking about her life,
recorded b Sara Fernandez, LINK

Super Activist Linda Morales was interviewed by Sara Fernandez in April 2018. She was the lead plaintif in an early court case against the sodomy laws, and was active in many latin groups and non-LGBT endeavors, 35 minutes. LINK
Plus, at the LINK, video of Linda receiving an award, April 2018

Tony Powell, activist and DJ for decades, 5/25/18, interview in three parts:
1 Who is Tony Powell, 28:20
2 Black Gay Bars & the Onset of AIDS, 37:46
3 SPLASH, Cookie LaCooke and Black Drag Queens, 29:23

Ray Hill - Jailhouse Jock -The Advocate Newsmagazine on Air America with Rachel Maddow. About Ray and Broussard case, 10/22/06, 12 min. LINK

On 4/25/15, art historian Randy Tibbits gave a very interesting talk on "Guys and Gals Like That," piecing together information on gay and lesbian Texas artists, 43 min. LINK

CBS News 30 Minutes TV Show, 10/13/79, 11 min. On Teenage Homosexuality featuring Houston teen Ann Lynn Moser. LINK

ABC local news segment on Montrose history, less than two minutes, with JD Doyle and Mark DeLange, 12/19/19. LINK

Interview with Community Transgender Activist
Atlantis Narcisse, taken from a conversation with
TRAugie and Nana Ochi recorded via Zoom on
July 26, 2020, Edited by Sara Fernandez, 52 min, LINK

Another Interview with Community Transgender Activist
Atlantis Narcisse, this time by U of Houston student
Itzel Muñoz Monroy, so the approach is different. Done
11/21/21; transcript included. 54 min. LINK, Transcript

On 10/20/20 Dr Maria Gonzalez invited me (JD Doyle) to
speak to her English class at U of H, on my various history
websites. This was part of a series of LGBT speakers
and was a zoom meeting format. 50 minutes, LINK

And, below, Dr Gonzalez invited me to talk before a
graduate Enclish course, LGBT History 7396 on 10/06/21,
again covering my work, with a Q&A after, 84 min, LINK

On 2/24/21 Sara Fernandez and JD Doyle gave a talk
to the Intro to LGBTQ Studies class at U of H led by
Jamie Gonzales. We discussed a number of the panels
(13 of the 48) from The Banner Project. 50 minutes, LINK

On 6/14/21, for Pride Month Fox 26 Houston did two video segments on the Montrose Center, with Executive Director
Ann Robison (LINK) on the Center, and historian JD Doyle (LINK), talking about The Banner Project, each 1:51.

Excellent 4 minute feature by Channel 13 News Pooja Lodhia
on Equality in Houston, 10/20/21, with Skip Willet, Phyllis Frye,
C Patrick McIlvain and Deborah Moncrief Bell. LINK

From 1985, an AIDS Risk Reduction Workshop, moderated by
Michael Wilson and Bill Scott. 101 Minutes. Find both parts at
And at the same link, from 1987, a workshop on Safe Sex and
Condom Use, by Jay Allen, Bill Scott and Mark Canfield, 2 Hours.

Still another interview with JD Doyle, 6/3/17, by Mason Funk
of The Outwords Archive, It's very comprehensive, LINK
2 Hours 26 minutes covering life and radio and history work.
This is for true martyrs, it covers parts of my life I talk about
nowhere else (and not in my book), and we don't even get
to my History and Obit sites until 1 hour 40 minutes into it.

Arden Eversmeyer was also interviewed by the Outwords folks,
6/3/17 and her talk ran 2 Hours 42 min, again spanning her
entire history, including OLOHP (Old Lesbian Oral History Project), LOAF (Lesbians Over the Age 50), OLOC (Old Lesbians
Organizing for Change) and much more. LINK



Ray Hill - Whatever Happened to Anita Bryant?
2010, 48 minutes, LINK

Ray Hill Addressing City Council after the death of Myra Ical, 1/26/10, 16 minutes, LINK

Sue Lovell, former City Council-member, at PFLAG
May 2016 Meeting, 34:11. LINK

Fran Watson, President of the Caucus, March 2016, 4:01. LINK

Andy Mills, an Oral History, by Andrée Bourgeois,
9/29/09 to 3/4/10, 11 min. LINK

Wallace Saage, Judy Reeves and Craig Farrell share some stories related to Throughout: Houston's GLBT History, an exhibition at the Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park. The Exhibition ran from June 2 to September 19, 2015. 27:47. LINK

A presentation by Jack Valinski at the Heritage Society Speaker's Series for the exhibition "Throughout: Houston's GLBT History" August 19, 2015. 54;46. LINK

On 7/29/14 Q-Fest sponsored a panel discussion on the early 90s activist organization Queer Nation, with remarks by Susan Palmer, David Fowler, Paul Mullan and (via skype) David Embry, also Ray Hill and Andrew Edmonson. 54;41. LINK  More Info

Dr Faderman's remarks at the OLOHP Conference, Celebrating Our Lesbian Legacies, Oct 10-13, 2013. 36:03. LINK

Mayor Parker speaking at the OLOHP Conference,
October 2013, 33:16. LINK

Mike and Linda Bratsen, who were Pride Grand Marshals
in 2009, talk about being PFLAG parents. 7:13. LINK

Mitchell Katine on Parental Acceptance, 2015, 7:20. LINK

From Mary's Roof - the crowd after the 1986 Parade,
6/29/86, 29:00 LINK

From 1990 & 1992 both Minister Mike Shows, with Michael Morrow and Tek Wilson lampooning televangelists, LINK

In March 2013 the Brazos River Bottom, the BRB, closed after 35 years. Courtesy of Robert Harwood, this video was taken of the interior at that time. LINK

A presentation by Dr Brian Riedel at the Heritage Society Speaker's Series for the exhibition "Throughout: Houston's GLBT History" Sept 9, 2015. 55:30 on "Segregation in Houston's Gold and Red Rooms." LINK

Deb Murphy, longtime manager of the HATCH program gave
this talk at the April 2018 PFLAG meeting, 27 min LINK

And, this time Deb Murphy, a life story, fascinating
interview by Sara Fernandez, Feb 2020, 44 min, LINK

Houston gay icon Ray Hill giving a speech at a KPFT music fest on 4/20/ impromptu talk, with Ray just being Ray, 8 min, LINK

Houston long-time activist and community organizer, interviewed July 2, 2020 by Sara Fernandez. 32 minutes. LINK

Houston Community Activists Gemma and Elisa Vega-Burns
talk about their lives and work. Recorded by Sara Fernandez, October 9, 2020, 28 min. LINK

Blase DiStefano is the Creative Director/Entertainment Editor for OutSmart Magazine, and before that worked on the landmark magazine This Week in Texas. Interviewed by Brandon Wolf and
Sara Fernandez, and brought to you in three parts. Part 1, 41 min, LISTEN, Part 2, 28 min, LISTEN. and Part 3, 44 min, LISTEN.
Aug 6, 2020, Fascinating!

Dr Brian Riedel, speaking to MD Anderson LGBT Network on Houston Before Stonewall, 6/18/21, 57 min. LISTEN

On 6/24/21 ABC 13 News with Pooja Lodhia interviewed
Sara Fernandez, Kirk Baxter and JD Doyle about the
Banner Project. 2 minutes, LINK

From May 7, 2020, Joshua Burford and Maigen Sullivan from the Invisible Histories Project (Birmingham AL), interview JD Doyle, with a Very casual talk about his work and websites. 30 min. LINK

Two videos of Phyllis Frye, The first by Sara Fernandez, 9/21,
43 min, with Phyllis talking about Trish, LINK;
and Houston Public Media launched their
Pioneer salute also in 9/21, 3 min. LINK

RMCC 50th Anniversary Video,
April 2022, 14 min. LINK

A LGBTQI History Panel hosted by Ashley Rhodes of the Houston Community College-Northeast. Moderated by Joyce Gabiola and Vince Lee with guests from the Houston Intersex Society Mo Cortez and Koomah;
and JD Doyle. 10/12/22, 1 Hour. LINK

Deborah Moncrief Bell, long-time Houston activist, editor, radio host, writer and co-ordinator of the 1993 March on Washington. By Sara Fernandez, 11/19/22, 29 min LINK

2014 documentary about the 1979 March, just obtained, made by high school students. They used a number of
my photos. 10 min. LINK

More to come...
keep checking back.....

Gender Infinity Conference, September 2016
Phyllis Frye, 47:05. LINK

Daniel Williams, Equality Texas, March 2016, 33:46. LINK

Mayor Parker at PFLAG, October 2015, 27:37. LINK

Mayor Annise Parker presents a Mayor's Proclamation to
Rev Don Sinclair and Kathy Sinclair, at a PFLAG
meeting, 2015. 3:00. LINK

Andrew Edmonson audio, after QN panel, talking about
the Queer Nation efforts. 1:17. LINK

Queer Nation - Houston, 25 Years Later
Panel discussion on Queer Nation. From 7/26/14, 55 min.
with David Embry (on skype), David Fowler, Susan Palmer,
Ray Hill, and Paul Mullen; also Andrew Edmonson. LINK

Queer Nation Houston - Radio PSA - 11/23/92, 1 min. LINK

The Rainbow Ranglers was a C&W Dance Club in Houston,
founded in 1994. These videos are mostly early
performance clips. 26:54. LINK  

This is an audio interview with long-time gay activist Ray Hill,
talking about the Anita Bryant protest in Houston, that
happened on June 16th, 1977. The interview was conducted
on September of 2012. 9:34. LINK. Vimeo LINK

The Supreme Court LGBT Rulings, presented by Mitchell Katine as part of a lecture series that accompanies THROUGHOUT, an exhibit of Houston's GLBT History.
6/24/15. 1:11:43. LINK

Charles Spain is a Boy Scouts activist and gave a talk on
the history and recent changes in the acceptance of gay scouts
in the BSA. 9/11/16. 49:22. LINK

Pride Parade 1998, LINK to a two-part video and
photos and clippings

Omega House celebrating 30th Anniversary, 8/27/16, with
speakers Jim Carter (above), Sandy Stacy, and others LINK

Don Kelly, A Single Man, activist & book collector, interview
by Sara Fernandez, 7/7/17. LINK

Plus, LINK to a video of the 2015 presentation at A&M
of his collection, with speeches and photos

This video is about the University of Houston LGBT Research
Collection Salon held on 5/4/18, at the home of Annise Parker
and Kathy Hubbard. 21 minutes. LINK

Talk at PFLAG general meeting September 2018 by Caucus
President Mike Webb and Maria Yvonne, 28 min, LINK

Mayor Annise Parker election celebration, first term, 1/2/10, with Lane Lewis, Ray Hill, Judge Steve Kirkland, Kathy Hubbard and Annise Parker, 23 minutes, LINK

Simon Bainbridge did many AIDS fundraising shows in the 80s/90s with his Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Revue. Here are several home videos from 1983 to 1992 shows. LINK

Happy Foundation Archives, San Antonio, videos
of ten events 1990-1998, politics and pride. LINK

June 2019 Interview by Sara Fernandez with Juan Palomo,
long-time journalist. Included is the story of his being fired by the Houston Post for coming out in his column. 33 minutes, LINK

Sandy Stacy, on Omega House, Comments about the 30th Omega House Anniversary, 7 min, LINK

A two-part interview by Sara Fernandez, 2016,
with Dr Didier Piot, on AIDS, Part One, 30 min, LINK.
Part Two, 40 min, LINK.

And, Here's a talk RandyTibbits gave with Mister McKinney,
on Houston queer artists, 6/3/21, 1:30 VIEW

Center for Houston History/Houston History Magazine
panel discussion on (some of the) LGBT Archives in the city, moderated by Dr Debbie Harwell, History professor at U of H. 103 min, 6/9/21, LINK

Murder in Montrose, ABC mini-doc by Pooja Lodhia, with
main commentator Andrew Edmonson, 07/07/21, on the
30th anniversary of Paul Broussard murder, 11:40, LINK

Kennedy Loftin accepting a Huge award, Outstanding
Fundraising Executive for 2020. 4 minutes. LINK

The Caucus Equality Brunch, 10/30/21, 1:48, with
awards and acceptance speeches. LINK

Excellent segment on OutSmart Magazine,
by ABC Houston, 6/22/22, 3:15, VIEW

KHOU video, honoring the Pride Grand Marshals
for 2022, Excellent, 47 min, VIEW

Robert Snellgrove, long-time Houston activist, on
Anita Bryant and more. 6/12/23, 2:50 VIEW

In June 2023 I received the Legacy Award from the Chamber, and these two video clips were made to play during the event. I'm Very honored. 2 minutes. LINK