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  Vintage Photos

The Mattachine Society was the first gay organization, and this
famous photo is of their first Christmas party, circa 1952.

In photograph – Harry Hay (upper left) - from left to right ,
Dale Jennings, Rudi Gernreich, Stan Witt, Bob Hull, Chuck Rowland,
Paul Harvey, (back of head on left - Konrad Stevens)

Hear Chuck Roland talk about his life.


above left, back of photo said "Herbie plus two boyfriends"
below, from a magazine feature, drag kings of Paris, 1963






Above left, Joey & Gary in front of the Christmas Tree
at Pat Rocco’s house. December 1971.
below, circa 1900




This group of six courtesy Robert Young

These feature spreads from Muscleboy, 1967 and 1968
It was uncommon to see this treatment, as they did not
want to "date" their magazine issues





from 1936, and below, with quite a bit of photo shop, made into a card

above, Houston's Rainbo the Klown and Little Bobby, 80s

below, Santa with drag queen chorus






above, I prefer them in black & white






these two, not vintage, but they spoke to me...



he got that red dress he had been wanting...




above left, a dash of photo shop


and, a dash of nudity.....