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New Year's Eve




This group of cards are probably from the mid-1960s






Matchbooks from the Club My-O-My are rare, holiday ones even rarer










I love the art of Paul Richmond, especially this playful card series





now, for something Really esoteric....


Above, Eadie Adams (1907 - 1983) was a singer/actress
who appeared in several films between 1935 and 1937.
Of more interest to me is that in 1969 she and her female
partner Pat McGrath opened the first "lesbian-friendly"
guest house in Palm Springs. Adams (not to be confused
with the wife of Ernie Kovacs, Edie Adams) also
founded a successful realty business, still in operation.
The hotel, the Desert Knight, is also still in business,
aimed at the same market and is now called the
Queen of Hearts Resort. What got me started on this?
I found the xmas card shown above on eBay.
Click for More on Eadie Adams







the stockings and the guests were hung....