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I have some correspondenced examples and also some downloadable files,
too large to display, but perhaps useful to researchers

Correspondence, 1975
Correspondence, 1975-1981

Correspondence, 1977-1978
Correspondence, 1979
Correspondence, 1980
Correspondence, 1981
Correspondence, 1982-1983

Integrity History, up to 1979

When I ws going through these files one thing that struck me was all the letters
from people just trying to reach out to other gays & lesbians. Remember, there
was no internet and many felt very isolated.

above, I tracked down a 1975 copy of Gaytimes, which was a fairly explicit newspaper.
They apparently took it on themselves to run ads for Integrity, and even updated
the address as time went on, though erroneously termed I/H a religious group
in an ad from 1978


Note, above right the sender taped the ad to his note, with its changed wording from the 1975 ad

There was a lot of correspondence between organizations and sometimes from people
we now know as activist icons of gay & lesbian equality, like Barbara Gittings

And a couple letters from famed Dallas hay historian Phil Johnson

an early letter concerning the oncoming AIDS crisis

from the very short-lived fred Paez Community Service Center, lasting only a few months

a kind of demanding request from a student, sent to Ray Hill and referred to the Archives

Regarding this last one, Ray told me that: "When I got out of prison in 1975, Integrity told me to leave
the first meeting I attended and that if I came back they would have me arrested for trespassing.
By the time Fred Paez was assassinated (June 1980), I had shown the leadership to tackle the tough issues
and by the letter you can see they began to welcome me... "