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Dignity Newsletter, 1972
Integrity Newsletter, 1975
Integrity Newsletters, 1979
Integrity Newsletters, 1980
Integrity Newsletters, 1981
Interact Newsletters, 1982
Interact Newsletter, 1983
Interact Newsletters, 1984-85

Comments: the Dignity Newsletter was tagged as belonging to what became Integrity,
and for it to have been from a real Dignity group, you would expect even the slightest
religious slant, which is missing. So I believe it was tagged correctly.

The only 1975 issue I have, marked January, is quite simple in length and purpose.
The next one I have jumps to 1979 and is marked #2, with a newsletter masthead,
and the series seems to get started, maintaining number sequence through until 1983, #52.

By February 1980 it took on the name Because We Care. Keeping that name
through the organization name change to Interact in July 1981. By 1984 while
keeping the Because We Care subtitle, it added The Bumbershoot, I am
guessing to reflect the growing number of affiliate organizations it had taken
under its umbrella. February 1985 was the last issue I have seen, and the
organization by that time had shifted to an over-40 men's group, likely
discontinuing newsletters.

Other Projects

In 1973 it sent out 183 questionnaires to State Legislature members,
on issues involving the rights of privacy and homosexuality. Of these,
only 15 were returned, and as they did not ask for a person's name
I am not sure what value could have been derived, other than bringing
them a degree of awareness of the issues.
Five of the responses can be seen in This File.
And the results are discussed in the booklet below.

In 1974 inconjunction with Texas Gay Conference I, they prepared a workshop
complete with booklet, on dealing with public officials.

Download the Booklet

After the formation in 1975 of the Gay Political Caucus to carry the political
torch Integrity mainly kept to social and educational efforts thorought its 16 years.