The businesses next door to....
JR's Bar & Grill

804 Pacific Street

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The building next door went through many evolutions...
probably the first was as Mother Lode Cafe & Saloon, opening in August 1984

Mother Lode



I go by the Guide section of This Week in Texas to document when bars opened and closed, and the last listing for Mother Lode was 6/28/85.

And the first listing for the next venture was 1/24/86, as Cutter's Restaurant

Cutter's Restaurant


November 1986, another change...on 11/7/86

from Cutter's to Hot Rod

Hot Rod

very little advertising was done for Hot Rod, only one ad was run in TWT

Alas, another change, Hot Rod closed on 1/26/87

the space was quiet for a couple years before the opening, on 5/25/89, of the Santa Fe Trading Company

Santa Fe Trading Company



and in June of 1990 the two clubs merged