As I spend so much time digitizing copies of This Week in Texas, and as a
historian myself, I gravitated to the many articles that Phil Johnson wrote
for TWT. I quickly learned that he was the founder of the Dallas Gay Archives,
and was a voracious collector of our history. He wrote for TWT from the mid-80s
through 2000 (when that publication ended). This page starts a collection of
almost every TWT article he wrote.

Articles About Him

His Articles

This Page: 1984 - 1989

Dallas - First Gay Pride Parade in Texas
Remembering Ray Bourbon
50 Years Ago, the 1936 Texas Centennial
Bobby Allen, the Story of a Female Impersonator
Growing Up in the Great Depression
Stunned by Stein
Theatre Row, Before WWII
Anita Bryant: Ten Years Ater, Parts 1, 2 & 3
Notes from Our Past
A Christmas Story
Cheap Shots
7 True Gay Tales
The Two Texas Tigers
Gay Life in San Antonio
World War Two Stories
Whatever Became of Tommy Gene Brown
Dallas Roots: The Queer Choir
Bands in Texas: Dallas & Houston
How Gay Were They
Dallas Remembers Zila
The Night They Raided the Alley Door
The Deadly Weapon
Stonewall Tetralogy (4 Parts)
Blatant Baptist Bigotry

1990 - 1995

1996 - 1999

2000 Articles: The Gay Century Series

Articles About Houston

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