Integrity Houston -- Episcopal

 The history of Integrity/Houston takes some careful digging, aggravated by the organization's name
confusion over the years. This page concerns the Episcopal Integrity group, and not the social/service
organization, which formed earlier, in February 1970, and also used the name Integrity/Houston.

By 1974 an Episcopal group called Integrity had formed, with chapters nationally. Locally, that group
at times went by Episcopal Integrity Houston, but often there were two Integrity Houston groups.
Both had newsletters and regular meetings, but even though the social/service group was first it was
hard to fight a national organization, and by June of 1981 the non-religious group finally had enough,
and changed its name to Interact/Houston.



1979-1980 PDF

1982-1983 PDF

1984 PDF

1985 PDF

1986-1988 PDF

1990 PDF

Thanks goes to the Botts Collection, for allowing me to take home
a large file from this group so they could be studied and digitized.

And the group is still active, and has a Facebook page
and had a contingent in the 2016 Pride Parade