Texas Businesses, Clubs, Churches & Organizations
from This Week in Texas Magazine
1975 - 2013



Starting in 1975 This Week in Texas (TWT) was THE publication with regard to the gay community in Texas.
And of interest to historians is the special feature at the end of each issue, called The Guide. For the entire
state it listed Bars, Baths, Businesses, Churches, and Organizations, making it possible to get a picture of
what existed at the particular slice of time for an issue of the magazine. Given the data from enough
issues you could determine what bars were open when, and how long they were in business, and when certain
organizations began...for example, you can note during the start of the "AIDS years" the increasing
number of various service organizations cropping up to meet those needs.

This page is set up to give you just The Guide sections of the issues shown. While it would be very cool to have every
page of every issue online to view, that will have to wait for a major digitizing project. For this section the rough goal
was to scan the data every six months, but that needed to be flexible, as I did not have access to all issues of TWT.
And there were some years when there were large gaps in the publication, so I have left spaces, ever
hopeful I can add to this data. Click on the link or the cover for each month's pages.

TWT Generation One - March 1975 - August 11, 2000
Generation Two - June 23, 2006 to the Fall of 2007
Gen Three - March 13, 2009 to April 29, 2010
Gen Four - March 9, 2012 - May 24, 2013

March 1975

April 1978






August 1985

January 1992




May 1999

June 2000




left is the last issue
of what I now call the
"first generation" of
TWT, 08/11/00.
Click to see its
"Guide" sections and
also articles about its
stopping publication.



Yes, there's a gap....

The issue at the left is a curious one, published some time
during 2004, and...very oddly for any publication, no
date is given. In the preface publisher Steve Pardue candidly
talks about the challenges in the media world of maintaining a magazine, considering the costs of print publication and
competition with online sources. And it talks about the plans
for restarting publication...but that was not to be...at least
not until 2006, with John Carroll as General Manager.
But the 2004 issue did feature a Guide section, and for
historical reference you can read the entire 16-page issue here.



Note that for the first issue I have for 2006
the Volume is Number 1, #7, so that generation
would have begun in June 2006

Another gap...until March 2009

January 2010









Again, a gap, and the
March 2012 issue begins
again at Volume 1, #1


One more print issue
was done before it went
on 2013 "summer vacation,"
and now the site is gone