Q Texas

Around 1991 Alan Gellman became publisher of TWT and he remained so
up through the August 11 2000 issue, which may be the last one of the
"first generation" of TWT. Gellman then began another statewide
publication, Q Texas. This was a more slick weekly edition of roughly
forty 8"x11"pages. He was listed as "Managing Director" in the beginning
and when he died (1/27/01) Robert Moore became publisher, continuing
though the last issue I have, November 2004. I do not know how long
it remained in business. It did have one-page directories, with some
spanning every few months shown below. So, this covers the early
years of the 2000's missing from TWT, though not in nearly the detail.


November 2000

June 2001

March 2002

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January 2003

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December 2003

June 2004