Houston GLBT Political Caucus
aka: Gay Political Caucus (1975)
Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (1987)
GLBT Political Caucus (2005)



Drag Queen Story Time

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...And they won...


At the June 5th meeting members were presented several designs for the new logo,
and the one below was selected. We note that none of them included the letters GLBT.
It took 30 years to add the "B" & "T" and now all the letters are gone...at least in the logo.

But from the other side of the viewpoint, it's now more inclusive as it
(without saying so) includes the other alphabet of letters QIA+++++

On June 13th the Caucus and several other groups sponsored The Pride Forum, for District C Candidates

Link to above story and news video

Read the Agenda Notes and Screening Results for the Meeting

There was some thoughtful and well written discussions on Facebook
about the day that I want to share, posted by Judson Dunn and Noel Freeman,
with others chiming in

Above, Caucus bumper sticker with new logo

Watch the YouTube Video



Okay, I don't want to make this "all about me" but I've seen very few photos
from this event. And for the award I got Sara Fernandez grabbed a video.
Maria Gonzalez introduced me.


Above, with Sara Fernandez, below with James Spear and Barrett White


Sara Fernandez also captured a video of Landon Richie accepting his award

below, Brad Pritchett photo of the venue

Election Endorsements

It's not always one big happy family. Former Caucus Board Member Jack Valinski
took issue publicly (on Facebook) regarding the Caucus President Mike Webb
endorsing in the At Large 4 race, for Bill Baldwin, when the membership endorsement
was for 'no endorsement.' And the Screening chair/Board Member Brandon Mack
endorsed contrary to the membership endorsement (Ashton Woods over Sallie Alcorn).

This is a violation of the Bylaws:
7.09 PUBLIC ADVOCACY: No elected trustee or board member of the Caucus can
publicly advocate or support the candidacy of a candidate not endorsed by the
Caucus against a candidate endorsed by the Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC.
Such endorsement constitutes an act of malfeasance as defined in the bylaws.

The discussion immediately side-tracked to the stance that everyone who disagreed
with what those two members had done was racist, and the actual issue got little
to no exchange of ideas. And not a word was said about this at the next meeting.

Election Results
with the Caucus logo indicating endorsements
and "LGBT" for candidates from our community'
Candidates with less than 50% enter a run-off with who was next


This was a PAC meeting, hence could not be held at the Montrose Center

Andrew Edmonson and Synthia Walton are reading the Meeting Notes
below, Credentialing table, with Mark Bailes, Judson Dunn, Ken Council, JD Doyle

2019 Year in Review

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