Houston GLBT Political Caucus
aka: Gay Political Caucus (1975)
Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (1987)
GLBT Political Caucus (2005)


of course the meeting announcement was for January 1, 2020

And the meeting was a ten-hour session, covered by the Chronicle

More Twitter comments from Mike Webb...

and, scenes of the day...



It was Mike's birthday...

above, screener Stephen Miranda
below, Judson Dunn, Mike Webb, Chris Busby
below that, same, taken by Austin Davis Ruiz

Above group of 11 photos taken by Austin Davis Ruiz


2020 Primary Endorsements (Feb 1)

....And then came COVID-19,
the March 11 meeting was cancelled

For the April Meeting we went digital, using Zoom,
It went very well, with about 70 folks signed in



May 2020


Another Zoom Meeting


As Vice-President, Katharine Ligon chaired the meeting,

with tech help from Austin Davis Ruiz and Judson Dunn





Below, VP Katharine Ligon again led the July meeting

And, it was an eventful meeting, as nominations were taken
to replace current president Mike Webb. Webb has been
totally out of communication with the Caucus since April,
so, was removed by operation of the Bylaws clause for
resignation (by non-attendance). A successor president is
needed. Current VP Katherine Ligon and Jovon A Tyler have
been nominated, and nominations are open at the August 1
meeting, when there will be an election. It will be followed
by a PAC endorsement session, so will be a busy event.



Special Rules for Endorsement Meeting


Download General Election Endorsements
released August 3

Above, from 1980

And, it was a vigorus campaign for Caucus President...

Johnathan Ferrante Miller vs Jovon Tyler

while Johnathan did some Facebook campaigning, Jovon brought an onslought...



and a who's who of endorsements...


Jovon easily won the election. If he works as hard at the job as he did campaigning, we are in good shape.

Screenshots of the zoom meeting


Jovon Tyler chaired his first meeting as President, and it was a very efficient and busy meeting.
Pokey Anderson, one of the original Caucus founders was honored with Lifetime Membership.
Also, stepping off the Board were Jonah Baumgarten and Andrea Segovia. Austin Davis Ruiz
was elected by acclaimation for a Board seat, after Toni T. Mascione gave impressive redrawal
remarks. And nominations were received for two other Board seats: Jeff Watters and Stephen
Miranda, which will be considered at the next meeting, along with any additional nominations then.

Meeting Agenda, 9/2/20

October Meeting, Oct 7


above, just a few of the attendees

Remarks by Rodney Ellis and Alan Rosen

and Lane Lewis

Board seats: Jeff Watters and Stephen Miranda
ran unopposed and were elected by acclamation for Seats 4 & 6, respectively


see This Page for coverage of the Equality Brunch


Sadly, two days after Monica Roberts was given the Lifetime Achievement Award she passed.
She was a staunch Caucus member and important voice of the community.

Election Results

Most importantly for the country, the Biden-Harris ticket won!



Texas Senator John Whitmire, guest speaker

screen 1 of 3, showing meeting attendees

Meeting Agenda

It was a three-hour meeting...
bylaw changes were discussed, which will continue next month

below, current Board

As some seats are up for re-election and others are resigning there were

Nominations for the Positions of Caucus President, Board Positions 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7

Katharine Ligon, Austin Davis Ruiz will run again
Kendrick Clack, Scott Barish and John Humphries are stepping down

Luis Adame and Mario Castillo and Toni Mascioni were nominated.
Voting will happen next month, and nominations are open also at that meeting.


Download the Program

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