Houston Gay Political Caucus
aka: Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (1987)
GLBT Political Caucus (2005)

The caucus was founded in the summer of 1975, long before gay rights
became a major national issue. From its earliest moments, the organization
emphasized electing candidates who were gay-friendly and had made
specific commitments to support issues important to Houston's GLBT
community. Its first president was Gary Van Ooteghem, who served from
1975 through the middle of 1977.

early logo, circa 1979

See http://www.thecaucus.org/history

These pages will share various clippings, photos, newsletters, etc that I have found related to the Caucus
and its history. They come from various Houston LGBT publications, including This Week in Texas, the
Houston Voice, Upfront, and many others, including files graciously shared with me by TS Williams
at the Caucus, Brad Pritchett, and Johnny Peden. I very much welcome additions, so contact me.

logo used on correspondence in late 1977 and 1978

The official change to GLBTPC was in 2005, although the
"mission" was modified in July 1999 to include the B&T.

The issue of adding the T was heavily discussed in mid-1990 but defeated

 Additions are added often, so please check back