Houston Gay Political Caucus
aka: Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (1987)
GLBT Political Caucus (July 1999)


Over its history the Caucus published newsletters updating the membership,
focusing much of the time on endorsements. Access to scanning
most of these is through the courtesy of the Caucus. And there are obviously
many missing. I would
love more if you can send me scans of any you may have.
You can read or download these by clicking on the PDF. Thanks to the archives
of Jack Valinski and Scott Tillinghast for access to many of these issues.


April 1978 PDF

September 1978 PDF

August 1979 PDF

October 1979 PDF

October 1980 PDF

Jun & Oct 1981 PDF

May 1982 PDF

October 1982 PDF

May 1983 PDF

November 1983 PDF

November 1983 PDF

April 1984 PDF

May 1984 PDF

Nov 1984 PDF

Nov 1985 PDF

April 1986 PDF

July 1986 PDF

November 1987 PDF

March 1988 PDF 
November 1988 PDF

April 1989 PDF
August 1989 PDF

Mar, Oct, Dec 1989 PDF
Apr 1989 PDF

Mar, May & Oct 1990 PDF

Jul to Oct 1990 PDF

Feb to Aug 1991 PDF

Oct 1991 PDF

Jan to Nov 1992 PDF

Mar to Sep 1993 PDF

November 1993 PDF

Feb to Sep 1994 PDF

Nov & Dec 1994 PDF

Feb to Apr 1995 PDF

May to Nov 1995 PDF

Mar to Sep 1996 PDF
Nov 1996 PDF

Apr 1997 PDF
Sep-Oct 1997 PDF

Mar to Sep 1998 PDF

Feb to Oct 1999 PDF




Lesbian & Gay Rights Lobby of Texas, (LGRL)
Jul 1990,
Apr & Sep 1991, PDF

The Straight Slate
Newsletter Nov 1985


              Were there newsletters after 1999?
 Additions are added often, so please check back