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Lee Brown the first Houston Mayor to be in the Houston pride parade.

Texas Supreme Court refuses to hear the case of Christie Lee Littleton, a post-op transsexual who was denied their right to sue for malpractice in the death of her husband because the state does not recognize their 7 year marriage since her original birth certificate says Christie was a male

Section 21.06 is declared unconstitutional by the Texas Court of Appeals, only to have the state appeal the decision once again to the Supreme Court

S.T.A.G. (Some Transgenders are Guys) formed

April 28-30. The Millennium March on Wasthington was held

Vermont passes a historic Civil Union law that allows same sex couples to be joined in civil unions similar in every way to heterosexual marriage, making it the first U.S. state to legally recognize same sex couples

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled 5-2 that the state’s 195-year-old anti-sodomy law does not violate state constitutional privacy guarantees.

The Transgender Pride Flag made its first appearance at a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona

As coach of the United States women's tennis team, Billie Jean King became the first openly lesbian coach of an Olympic team

A contingent of gay and lesbian HPD officers march in the Houston Pride Parade for the first time.

Houstonians for Family Values (formed by David Wilson, a sign company owner and former mayoral candidate) starts the campaign to change the city charter to prevent the city of Houston from ever adopting any pro-GLBT statues, policies, or amendments.

The Texas Supreme Court rules that Councilman Rob Todd did not have the right to stop Mayor Brown’s executive order protecting gay city employees from discrimination. Council members voted 10-4 for the law.

Two Ontario men Joey Abbruzzese, 20 and Gregory Maleszyk, 19 are beaten and dragged by their faces to a cruiser by San Antonio police, in a popular cruising area. The pair who are not gay accuse police of brutality.

The US Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior asserts that homosexuality is not “a reversible lifestyle choice.”

Human Rights Campaign amended its mission statement to include transgendered people

Rhode Island the third state to extend civil rights protections to transsexuals and cross- dressers.

Arizona repeals its sodomy law

The Houston Fire Department participates in the Houston Pride Parade for the first time.

Houston Pride Parade Name changed to GL BT Pride?

ICOH-The Space City Empire founded

The University of Texas approves a new all male, progressive, gay, curious, bisexual, Greek organization called Delta Lambda Phi

Houston Independent School District requires every Principal and at least one Vice Principal from each school in HISD to attend a two-hour training workshop addressing the rights and safety of gay and lesbian students

Dallas City Council voted almost unanimously to extend protection from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents of Dallas

The Roman Catholic Church in the U.S. is rocked by multiple long-term child-abuse scandals, which officials in Rome try to blame on homosexuals in the clergy

First Pride parade in Austin, TX

Esera Tavai Tuaolo becomes the third professional football player to come out

Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court’s decision handed down just two days before Houston’s 25th Anniversary Pride Parade, prompting some participants and attendees to wear T-shirts that declared them to be, “legally gay.”

Nov 28 Allan Tibbetts attacked shortly before midnight on Nov. 28 as he walked to his bed-and-breakfast in the 400 block of Avondale. He was released from Methodist Hospital, he said, after receiving 36 stitches. Tibbetts said hospital personnel told him six other men had been beaten that weekend. Neither the hospital nor police could verify that report.


Houston Mayor Bill White surprises the parade audience by opting to walk the route instead of waving to constituents from a convertible.

The Rev. V. Gene Robinson becomes the first openly gay elected bishop in the history of Christianity

On February 12. Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon were "granted the first marriage license given to a same-sex couple in the United States. The license was granted in violation of California state law by the City and County of San Francisco after mayor Gavin Newsom ordered that marriage licenses be given to same-sex couples who requested them. The licenses were voided on 12 August."

Massachusetts the first state to legalize same sex marriages

Jerry Falwell revives the Moral Majority name for a new organization, the Moral Majority Coalition.

For the first time the 9-11 Compensation Fund recognized a same-sex partner who was not a legal heir named in a will.


November Proposition 2 , the Constitutional Amendment that banned gay marriage in Texas, is passed.

Bayou City Women’s Chorus founded

The Montrose Clinic and the Assistance Fund merge to form Legacy Community Health Services.

Houston Comets basketball star Sheryl Swoopes comes out of the closet.

November 20, first HoustonTransgender Day of Remembrance held at the Holocaust Museum.

Puerto Rico repeals its sodomy law

Professor Ian Ayers spearheads the creation of the Fair Employment Mark

October 12, Houston, TX, Katrina Evacuee transgendered Christina Smith murdered

Gendermyn founded, a gender performance troup

"Brokeback'Mountain'', Capote, and "Transamerica" Receive Oscar Nominations
First annual Mr./Ms. GLOBO (Gays and Lesbians Organized By Orgullo ) Pageant  
April. The organization Equality Texas is merged with and absorbs the organization Houston Equal Rights Alliance (HERA).  

Annise Parker made history by being elected the first openly lesbian mayor of a major American city, and she served three terms until January 2016. After winning her first City Council At-Large Position 1 through a runoff in 1997, she retained that seat in 1999 and 2001 without a runoff. In 2003, she was elected City Controller, a position she retained in 2005 and 2007, both times unopposed.

January. The University of Houston becomes the first college in Texas to offer a progrom in GLBT studies


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