Tabloid Homosexuality

the 1950s/60s

Confidential, along with its Tabloid Rivals, Whisper,
Uncensored, Vice Squad & More
ruled the supermarket check-out aisles

Exclusive / Exposed
He / Hush Hush
Inside Story
Jet Magazine
National Spotlite

issues shown roughly in date order

Vice Squad

July 1961
wish I had the magazine...for
15,000,000 Lesbians on the Loose
When the Vice Cops Slapped Johnny Ray's Wrists

March 1962

Gay Boys of the Third Sex


May 1962

Hotbed of Lesbians and Homos -- Behind Prison Bars


April 1963

Why the She-He Sex-Change 'Girl' Divorced Her Hubby! (Coccinelle)
Those Boys from Queersville Are At It Again


September 1963

Twisted Lives: The Bizarre Case of Those Sexed-Up Kiss and Kill Queers

Lesley Ashley aka Lesley Perez


A banner issue of queer topics!

April 1964

High School Boys for Hire -- To Homos!
Transvestites Can Be Cured!
That Lesbian Mystery Woman: Was She Behind the Torture Killing
Inside Our Prisons - Cesspools of Vice!

as there was so much queer in this
issue here's a PDF of all those articles


December 1964

The Revolt of the Twilight Men


April 1965

The "Gay Society"--Third Sex in Washington

(7 page article)

November 1965

Homosexuals Picket the White House


No Man's Land of Lesbian Lust


If anyone can contribute scanned articles to this page, it would be appreciated