Tabloid Homosexuality

the 1950s/60s/70s

Confidential, along with its Tabloid Rivals, Whisper,
Uncensored, Vice Squad & More
ruled the supermarket check-out aisles

Exclusive / Exposed
He / Hush Hush
Inside Story
(this page)
Jet Magazine
National Spotlite

issues shown roughly in date order

Inside Story

May 1963

Homosexuals Can Be Cured

The Real Lawrence of Arabia--Homo or Hero?

May 1964

How Many Paris Belles Are Really Paris Boys?
with Coccinelle


And, for those who wonder why they were rude
enough to ask when the Queen should abdicate?

July 1964

Why Those Gay Boys Just Love Bette, Joan, Tallulah & Judy
Love in Women's Prison


September 1964

How the Homos Are Ruining TV

March 1971

Spiro Agnew's Son Rages 'I'm No Homo'
Randy Agnew
Lesbians' Legal (?) Marriages in England

Lesbians 'Legal'Marriage in England

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