Tabloid Homosexuality

the 1950s/60s

Confidential, along with its Tabloid Rivals, Whisper,
Uncensored, Vice Squad & More
ruled the supermarket check-out aisles

Confidential (this page)
Exclusive / Exposed
He / Hush Hush
Inside Story
Jet Magazine
National Spotlite

issues shown roughly in date order

Confidential 1954 -1956
Confidential 1957 +


July 1957

Why Liberace's Theme Song Should Be "Mad About the Boy"

May 1957
Now--Homosexuals Can Be Cured!

September 1959

My Experience with Homosexuals in Women's Prison

( scan courtesy Hugh Ryan )

October 1959

NY's Island Paradise for Men' Only

October 1960
Provincetown: Frantic Antics on the Atlantic

February 1962
Homos Are Taking Over Showbiz!
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May 1962

Where the Gay Boys Gambol:
Tattle-Tape Laddies Night in a Turkish Bath

March 1964

The Off-Broadway Musical Where the Pansies Bloomed Each Night

January 1965

The Limp Wrist Side of Civil Rights


June 1965

Miami: The 'Fairyland' Playland



June 1966

The Flaming Heart: The Life and Loves of a Lavender Playboy

October 1967

The Truth About That Homosexual Blackmail Ring

November 1967
Guess What --- The Guys Dressed as Girls Are Organizing

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December 1969

The Dating Game--Lavender Style

Teachers: If You're "Queer" Don't Get Caught


Below, covers only, years unknown


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