Town Meeting I
June 25, 1978

Photos from Botts Collection

and I need some help identifying many people,
please email me photo # and name/info

Also see, Town Meeting Clippings, Etc

1 Sissy Farenthold

2 Sissy Farenthold in white dress, talking to Fred Paez

3 Debra Danburg in red, Jim Vilven in dark red


5 George Barnhardt, at mic

6 Tom Doyle in blue striped shirt; Bob Lockett in pink

7 Kent Naasz and Frankie Hill (Ray Hill's mother)

8 Phyllis Frye in red, Eli Zal at mic

9 Charles Gillis on right

10 Ladonna Leake, female co-chair; Ray Hill on right

11 Ray Hill

12 Fred Paez on left, Ray greeting someone, Sissy in back


14 from left, Fred Hinton, in jacket Gary Van Ooteghem, at mic (unknown), unknown, Jim Flock, Steve Shiflett

15 Sissy

16 Ray Hill

17 Ray Hill

18 (with arm up, in black shirt) Fred Hinton

19 Steve Shiflett, Ray Hill, Sissy F

20 Ginny Apuzzo, long-time activist and former head of National Gay Task Force

21 Sissy F



24 Ladonna Leake and Steve Shiflett

25 George Barnhardt


26b ?


29 ?

30 Phyllis Frye

31 unknown, Sissy, Steve Shiflett

32 TM I Programs

33 Steve Shiflett on left, Nick Escobedo with pink triangle button,
in background in blue Andy Klein

34 ?

35 Keith Stewart

36 ?

37 Donald Embinder, publisher of Blueboy Magazine

38 apparently JS Watkins, MD

39 a glimpse of Andy Mills in grey shirt at right, who else?

40 Bob Lockett

More Town Meeting I Photos
Courtesy of Blase DiStefano

101 Stage

102 Sissy Farenthold, Steve Shiflett, Ginny Apuzzo, Ray Hill

103 Sissy Farenthold

104 Sissy Farenthold

105 Tom Doyle (in background, scratching his head), Blase DiStefano (arm up), Phyllis Frye (in red), others unknown

106 From left: unknown, Blase DiStefano, Tom Doyle, Ginny Apuzzo, Steve Shiflett, others unknown

107 Ginny Apuzzo (at mic), Tom Doyle (left of Apuzzo), Blase DiStefano (left of Doyle), Phyllis Frye (in red)

108 Blase DiStefano (arm up), others unknown

109 Alice Shrader (speaking), Blase DiStefano (with beard), Tom Doyle (looking down), others unknown

110 Picketer outside the arena. Sign reads: “Queer Is Not Gay, It’s Sick”
below, ad for the t-shirt

Other Slide Scans


From Anita Bryant Protest March, June 16, 1977

41 ?

42 Liz Torres at microphone (I recognize the dress)

43 March crowd


44 Ken Cyr, June 1974, Dallas activist,
with his partner Charles Gillis owned Wilde-N-Stein

45 Mary Milam, unknown, Dec 1974 at I/H Xmas Party

46 Mary Milam, April 1974, mother of activist Dennis Milam

47 Pokey Anderson, Nov 1975...maybe at Cherryhurst Park

48 Steve Shiflett in center, June 1979, GPC endorsement mailing

49 unknown, unknown, Jan 1976

50 Greer Price, maybe Leonard Matlovich, probably at an Integrity event

51 what event?

52 Wilde-N-Stein Books, Richmond Ave store, Feb 1979

53 Ken Cyr, Jenny, Bill Buie

54 Frank Kameny

55 what party was this??? year not known
Bill Scott (dressed) is seen between the two in front not so dressed