Houston Splash Day
was once a one-day more "white oriented" event from the 1970s fading out by 1987. See photos of the original event HERE

Houston Splash!

In 1988 the event became Black Gay & Lesbian Splash,
and celebrated 30 years in 2018

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Houston Splash, initially known as Black Gay & Lesbian Splash Day, began in 1988 by Tony Powell, Cookie LaCook (Alfred Tezeno), Grover Fortenberry, Rick Thurmond, among a few others. It grew from that one-day event to a premier urban LGBT event spanning several days and attracting upwards of 7,500 guests from across the country. Held in Galveston the first weekend in May, the original and always official host was drag performer Cookie LaCook, who was at the spotlight up until the year she died, 2007.

In 1995 the group officially trademarked as Houston Splash, under the leadership of Derick Miles and the late Clifford Hunter. They were then co-owners of the Houston nightclub Incognito. They partnered with LOUD Inc, another non-profit 501 c(3) organization. Their mission was to improve the cultural, environment, medical and social health of LGBT people of African descent through various programs and services.

The organization is currently led by Sean Dawson, President, and John Humphries, VP/Community Outreach. Derick Miles remains as Chairman Emeritus. They now title the event (for 2019) as Houston Splash Pride 24, with it being the 24th anniversary of the 1995 organization.

Of course to draw thousands of people, you have to entertain them, and that is done through a number of events, and it's party, party, party, dance, dance, dance. But all around is the theme of reaching and welcoming, celebrating and empowering the African-American and Latino LGBT community. Find more information at www.HoustonSplash.com.




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