Promethean Society

1968 -1969

above from the 1980 Pride Guide

The Promethean Society was founded in 1968 in Houston by Ray Hill, Rita Wanstrom and David Patterson.
(Rita owned the women's club Roaring Sixties, and had already fought battles). One of the main reasons it
was organized was so that a Houston group could attend the 4th annual conference of NACHO
(North American Conference of Homophile Organizations--originally the North American Homophile Conference)
in Chicago. See NACHO meeting notes (Aug 68) and James Sears book, pages 52-58. Other events conspired, including
Ray Hill's arrest, and the group crumbled.

Below, mention of the Promethean Society in Tangents, May-June 1968

...though they misspelled it Promethian
(and I repeat it so google can find it)

See the Sears book link above....Ray HIll's arrest was the beginning of
the end, and the August Conference was not held in Houston, but was
hastily scheduled for Kansas City.

The group was listed in the Directory of The Phoenix (Kansas City), July 1968;
and in the issues for the rest of 1968.

below, The Ladder (Oct-Nov 1968) received a Promethean Society
press release about the cross-dressing battles,
one of the few independent documentations
of the group's existence


More mention of Ray Hill and Promethean Society

Actually, this clipping, and the NACHO meeting notes are the
only times I have seen Ray Hill referred to as "T Ray Wayne-Hill"

below, listed in the Drum's Homophile Movement section, Dec 68 & Jan 69