Pet Patrol
and its history,


The nation's first Pet Patrol for PWAs was launched in Houston in August 1987. Founder
Tori Williams realized that pets are important to improving the lifestyle of PWAs, helping them avoid depression. And it is important to take away the concern that their pets will be cared for if the person has to go into the hospital, or cannot afford food and vet expenses. That this organization has surrived all these years, even after the AIDS crisis years, is a testament to the idea and its execution by a team of volunteers. The organization received its 501c3 incorporation in August 1989. Thanks to Tori for providing me with most of the information provided here.

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Rich Arenschieldt







above, Rich Arenschieldt getting a Diana award in 1995, for his
Pet Patrol involvement, with Jan Glenn, a local TV personality.





with Don Welch






with Don Welch

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