Mr Gay Texas Contest
There were lots of drag pageants over the years, but this was one for the guys,
and was held from roughly 1974 through 1989, covered of course in TWT Magazine.

At times the "year" of a person's reign gets confusing in the coverage so the ad above should set the guidelines

1974 - CJ Harrington (Houston)

1975 - Dale Layne (Dallas)

1976 - Steve Dugas (Houston)

Very early coverage was iffy, but this clipping says the winner
for 1975 was Steve Dugas,
though apparently correct year is 1976

I only found coverage from when he won Mr Houston

1977 - Robert Jones (Houston)

Jones may have had an advantage, having been a recent cover boy

1978 - Mike Rosen (Austin)

1979 - Rick Price (Houston)


1980 - Ted Fees (Houston)

1981 - Jay Gondek (Dallas)

1982 - David Prejean (Houston)

Above, among the judges were given as Eddie Abshire ("1975 former winner"),
which I cannot verify at least in TWT coverage. Though Abshire did win Mr Gay America in 1976

1983 - Colt Thomas (Houston)

See This Page for More Coverage






1984 - Curt Milstead (Beaumont)





1985 - Mike Horn (Austin)

1986 - Chuck Roberson (Houston)

1987 - Barry Banks (Austin)

1988 - Christopher Starr

1989 - Billy Quercia

Since the 90s the flurry of contests, like Mr Gay Texas USofA,
Mr Gay Texas America, Mr Texas All American, and etc, have reduced the coverage
(and meaning?) of the events...

Bonus: Mr Gay USA

1988 - Kevin Scott (South Carolina)