Montrose Patrol

This section got its impetus from an article that appeared in Out Magazine,
in the June 2017 issue, written by Denny Nivens, a writer in Los Angeles
who lived in Houston in the 1980s. He remembered hearing about the
Montrose Patrol and how important it was, and thought its story should be told.
He contacted me in September 2016, having visited this site, and I provided him
with a number of clippings and other information...and he took it from there....
He also set up a Facebook page for the project

Also see Q-Patrol, 1991-2002

Here is the Out Magazine site link to the article.

I think Denny did a terrific job on the story, and thank him for
sending me his notes and the original draft (of course it was a bit
longer than published) and other items his own research uncovered.

Facebook Page Posts
The Facebook page set up by Denny Nivens contains
many useful posts that help consolidate the story,
and I've reposted some of them below


More on the "Xmas Tree Incident"




above, inset photo of Erwin, at left, and Mills


below from Midnight Rider, 4/30/80

Below, from 1980 Pride Guide

Above, probably MP members Jim Cheek and ? during 1980 Pride Parade
Below, vandalized billboard during Pride

Download MP Manual



Below, membership application, 1/81




Funds and interest had dried up, it was only a matter of time...


Above, apparent end of the Montrose Patrol, with the last TWT Guide listing that same issue

Below, already in past tense

Montrose Watch?
this is the only mention I found of it

Montrose Neighborhood Awareness Group
this is the only mention of it I found

Below, retrospective comments from 1990

Also see Q-Patrol, 1991-2002