PWA Carnival, at Mary's, 1997

Photographer unknown, courtesy of the Botts Collection
July 29, 1997


Crystal Rae Lee Love & Don Gill in TWT; and the source album for these, "Hot #s only"

Actually, the TWT article above is slightly incorrect. The Carnival
and Christmas in July Show were different events, a week apart,
with the second being at the BRB.
These photos are from the Carnival.


1  2 

Don Gill, with festive hat, with Larry Bagneris in background with ball cap;
upper right, Crystal Rae Lee Love on left, Barry Larson on right

3  4 

3, perhaps Giovanni, 4 Joe Chubb, aka Blanca Debris


5 Mark Johnson on right

6  7 

6 Richard Bang, aka Regina Dane; 7 Jerry Moran

8  9 

above, Ken Claude on right in both photos

10  11 

12  13 

12 on left, Mark, aka Demanda Tension, with Tim Reed

14  15 


in red, Jackie Thorne


18  19 




23  24 

above right, on left, is Doug Scott "Lips" and partner Don Robinson


woman on left is Phoebe Shephard, of Sundance Cattle Co

26  27 

28  29 

Buddy Thompson is the one on the right standing on the ground, the one on stage is Michael Jones aka MJ Summors

30  31 


Below, from Montrose Area Pride, July 1997


upper left, Rick Hurt on right; above right, Crystal Rae Lee Love