March on Austin 1989
Also, March on Austin 1991
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Program & Flyer


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The History of the LGBTQ Movement in Austin
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Clippings & Photos


coverage in Boston's Gay Community News


courtesy of the Botts Collection, photos by David Bryan.
then legal director of THRF

above, Phyllis Frye, Ray Hill, Gene Harrington, Donald Skipwith

above, Ray Hill in flag shirt, Gene Harrington in grey suit

banquet evening before the March, Harry Britt was keynote speaker
above, Phyllis Frye, unknown
below, Jack Valinski,Ray Hill

above, David Bryan, Gene Harrington, unknown

above & below, Jack Valinski

There were other Marches on Austin, with much less coverage
I have not researched these as much, but am showing a few clippings I found




Collage below from Sue Palmer,
in upper left photo is Urvashi Vaid, in dark coat

1997 March on Austin