Fall 1977 to Summer 1979

Calling themselves a group of lesbian feminist anarchist gadflies...
lesbian desperados
They had amazing influence during their two year existence
and a great t-shirt

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Announced in the November 1977 issue of Pointblank Times, the group's first activity was to be a presence at the IWY

See IWY section for more mentions of Lesberadas

re: letter to Pointblank Times, January/Febuary 1978

Also in that issue...

In the April issue


The group had a bit of influence outside of Houston, as they formulated a
survey for the purpose of establishing a National Lesbian Organization,
which was reprinted in the March 1978 issue of Lesbian Tide

In June 1978 one of the largest gay events ever held in the nation was in Houston, Town Meeting I
and I have an extensive section on that. But a high profile aspect of the weekend was an action
taken by members of Lesberadas....they did not like that photos were taken, so they stole them
from the TM1 office.

Much of the coverage & controversy can be viewed in This PDF File

In February 2015 I contacted one of the key players to get some background...

Still lots of gray areas

Winding down

The May isssue of The Advocate was likely in the works for months prior to publication...

above, a 1979 Advocate article mentions the group....
but, see below, it may have already folded by that time

Houston Breakthrough, a feminist newspaper, mentioned Lesberadas in their June 1979 issue

Below, excerpt from the program of Texas Gay Conference VI, 8/17/79,
in a Board member bio where she mentioned she was a former
member of the "now-defunct" Lesberadas

So, it appeared the group ended Summer 1979