The Bars at 710 Pacific

The Barn - 1976 - 1989
Miss Kitty's Dance Hall & Saloon - 1989 - 1991
Pacific Street - 1991 - 2003
O Nightclub - 2003 - 2004
bar empty - 2005 to April 2006
Jeffries - 2006 (May & June)
Blur - 2006 (June) - present
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Jeffries Bar & Lounge
Open just a couple months...

When did this bar open? I had trouble finding any verification,
I know the bar was empty as of January 2005, but that doesn't
tell me when Jeffries opened. And, as that was a time when
there were few gay publications giving bar info there is a gap
in that data as well.

The two club listings from TXT Magazine cover about all of 2005,
and no bar is listed at all for 710 Pacific.

This issue of Montrose GEM did not list any bar for that location, as of 4/15/05

Below are the only ads I could find,
starting May 2006 and only lasting a couple months.

It is also interesting the bar ads gave the address as 700 Pacific,
instead of 710, not sure what that was about...

Below, Ari Gold and me.....

According to this clippings above and below, Jeffries changed names to Blur around June 2006

Below, conflicting information....
If you check the TWT Guide listings for the next couple years,
when that publication was not at all stable, you will find listings
for Jeffries at 710 Pacific, but I think there is enough verification
that Blur had taken over in June 2006

See Blur