The Houston Committee
& Charles Law

1975 to 1982+

The Houston Committee was an organization for the Black Gay Community,
and per this article (the only one I have found) was founded around 1975...
since it talks about this being their 'third' annual conference.

Dr Charles Law was the main figure and he founded the organization.

It appears the organization reduced their visibility by the end of August 1979,
and the TWT listing below was its last one


New Addition!

This verifies that the Houston Committee lasted at least into 1982,
as it is the program for a conference held that year
It featured
W Charles Law
Robert Charles Carter
Ray Anthony Flournoy
Joseph Oswald Grant
Don Hood
Walter J Richardson
Walter Tinson Jr
Benjamin Hale Barkley
Jimmy Joe Rabb
David W Blackmon
Charles Qualls
L Alfred Alberson
C Vincent Fuller
W Burnett Edwards Jr
Terry Ray Matthews

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Download the Program

Below, from the program, Dr Charles Law

Spectrum Magazine on 2/28/19 published an excellent article by Crimson Jordan.
Part of it covers Dr Charles Law, so I am including the whole article for download


If you can provide Any additional information on the Houston Committee
I would much appreciate it, this history needs to be saved