Dr Pat Gustavson & Mignon M Weisinger
Lesbian Power Couple of the late 1900s

An extensive feature in the March 2019 OutSmart by Brandon Wolf

Obituaries: Gustavson & Weisinger

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Additional Photos
Courtesy of Brandon Wolf

1966 Passport Photos

Above and Below, 818 Church Street in 2016


Above, Xmas art of the house, 1976; and "Ennui" by Gustavson, 1972
Below, Weisinger in studio

Weisinger Sculptures and Art
Below left, The Earth Mother; right, untitled
These 5 photos by Jesse Sifuentes



Below, another view of Earth Mother

Below, 1952 Weisinger painting from the collection
of Randy Tibbits, photo by Randy Tibbits

Below, Weisinger sketch from European Travel, photo by Brandon Wolf

Above, Gustavson at UTMB 2008 Reunion
Below, Gustavson during retirement at New Braunfels farm

Gravestone at Forest Park Lawndale