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The Fantastic Five

Houston Drag Legends

Tiffany Jones * Naomi Sims
Donna Day
Hot Chocolate * Tasha Kohl


Kenneth Whitehead / Newman Braud / Donald Shelton / Larry Edwards / Jery F. Kohl Faulkner

Also see the Facebook Page for the Fantastic Five containing many videos.


The Fabulous Four and the Fantastic Five ruled the drag scene in Houston
especially in the early 1980s, and lasting much longer. But the name Fantastic
Five denotes a particular narrow period, from late 1983 until the end of 1984.
The original Four were Tiffany, Naomi, Donna and Hot Chocolate. Toward the
end of 1983 it was known Tiffany had been booked for the next summer in
Provincetown, and Tasha was brought in. She fit perfectly, and for the next
year the Five rocked the Copa.

That club had an understanding that the group could only use their group titles
at that bar, though they were of course free to perform solo elsewhere. During
the summer of 1984 with Tiffany gone they were the Fabulous Four, and for the
last few months of the year, back to being the Fantastic Five. Sadly Tiffany died
on April 18, 1985, ending the Fantastic Five saga. The Copa closed in October 1986.
With Hot Chocolate moving to Las Vegas in 1986 the Fabulous Four performed
only a number of reunion appearances until the end of 1991, mostly
at Mecca and Heaven, in Houston.

The unique aspect of them performing separately and together makes it difficult
to "cover" them on a webpage so I opted to show ads featuring them, mostly at
the Copa on this page, with links to more coverage in the upper left corner (and
links to the obituaries of Tiffany, Naomi and Donna above).


Below, first ad using the billing Fabulous Four
in This Week in Texas (TWT), 1/29/82
Almost all ads shown will be from TWT

The ads did not always use the term Fabulous Four, but if at least four were there, the ads are on this page



Copa Beaumont

Fabulous Four, Plus Special Guest Tasha Kohl, almost Fantastic Five billing, 5/13/83

Fab Four


Fab Four Copa photos, circa 1983, courtesy Johnny Perez





Below, Tiffany off to her Provincetown tour

Below right, with Tasha as part of the Fab Four


Fab Four, without Hot Chocolate

Fab Four

The Fantastic Five, first "Five" billing, 11/25/83



and sometimes, an out of town show

Michael Andrews Obituary


Fab Four for this show

Fab Four
No Tiffany for next shows, perhaps she was on tour in Provincetown

Fab Four

Fab Four

Fantastic Five

Fab Four

"Tiffany Jones Presents the Fantastic Four" (not Fabulous Four)
does that mean she just emceed?
she was probably already becoming more sick

"Tiffany Jones Presents"


"Tiffany Jones Presents the Fantastic Four"

Fab Four

"Tiffany Jones Presents the Fabulous Four"

"Tiffany Jones Presents the Fabulous Four"
This ad above is the last one with Tiffany's name, 3/15/85

Fab Four

Tiffany died
on April 18, 1985

Copa closes, October 1986

There were of course many performances by members of the Fab Four
for the rest of the time the Copa was open, and some of those ads can be
found at the link for each performer

At Numbers


and a lot at Mecca





By 1986 Hot Chocolate was in Las Vegas but at times made it back for special shows






above, last ad I found with Fab Four billing

Naomi died 11/2/92, and I believe her last performance was in September

see the solo links for each of the performers
at the top of the page

above, bent photo of the Fab Four and Alan Gellman, then publisher of TWT, early 90s
(from Tasha's Facebook photo wall)

Fantastic Five, on the Cover of TWT







Hot Chocolate