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Royal Dixon and Chester Snowden

Books & Special Collection
Art & Art 2


The Human Side of Plants, 1914
Signs is Signs, 1915
Americanization, 1916
Forest Friends, 1916
Human Side of Birds, 1917
Human Side of Trees, 1917
Human Side of Animals, 1918
Personality of Plants, 1923
Personality of Insects, 1924
Personality of Water Animals, 1925
Wildwood Friends, 1932
The Ape of Heaven, 1936
Half Dark Moon, 1939
Behold Elizabeth Ney, 1953 (not verified)

not published books:
Bird Personalities, Parts 1 & 2, 1940s
Earth Humger, Parts 1 & 2
The Lost Angel, 1950s




above, Not the original cover