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Royal Dixon and Chester Snowden

Books & Special Collection
Art & Art 2

Art & Art 2 (Snowden Paintings)

Letterblock Printing
First, we do not know whether Dixon or Snowden, or both, enjoyed making letter
blocks for relief printing. I find these quite appealing and acquired several of these works.


"The Patio" on the Christmas Card stamp refers to the work area of their house

and, so they can be read I am actually showing the mirror images

We know the one above was from around 1926, as
the U of H has a dated flyer printed from it, below.

It was a two-step process to print the portrait image onto the flyer


As photos of Dixon are hard to find, above here's
one, probably prepared for a book jacket printing.
Actual size is 2"x3", perhaps 1920s

Below, more letterpress blocks, from an eBay ad


And, unsure if the above right is wood or metal or some other media

The Paintings and Drawings of Chester Snowden

A google search can readily find images of his paintings, so I am
showing some lesser known works that were from eBay auctions.

above and below, two drawings of Dixon, thirty years apart

Charcoal Drawings, unsigned






Fortunately, the upper left drawing is dated, January 3, 1939, so we
have a frame of reference as to when most of these were likely done

No idea who the portrait below is

See Paintings

Below, the Christmas card from the LGBT Resource Center at
U of H honored the work of Dixon & Snowden